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Champion Bloodlines

by Jan Davie, St. Charles, Illinois

The Gloster is one of the most popular type canaries.  It is a small, roundish, and compact bird; lively and bold.


The Gloster comes in two varieties: 


  • One is the Corona, the bird with a complete circular crest on the head

  • It's counterpart is the Consort, which has no crest


Color varieties include: Yellows, Greens, Cinnamons, Fawns, Blues, and Whites; Clear to Heavy Varigated Varieties


There are two possible pairings that should be avoided:


  • pairing Dominant-whites with each other; otherwise, ¼ of the young will not be viable and may die in the egg or soon after hatching.  

  • pairing two crested birds; a Corona should always be mated with a Consort


Whether the cock or the hen is crested is immaterial.  

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